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We cannot use most of the things that are around us in the way in which they are available. Therefore, you need to cut, fine tune, and even finish the equipment in order to make them applicable for various uses. For example, you can shape and trim gold jewelries to elevate its value. Apart from boosting the functionality of the metal, it makes it more precious and desirable.

The most important thing is to apply the right set of skills during metal cutting. What you need here is a high level of precision in order to produce the desired results. Even the slightest mistakes can render some of the metal products useless. The beauty about using a talented touch is that it builds up value for the metal product. Thus, you need accurate tools and machines to be able to achieve this objective.

It is at this point that Aluminum Welding comes in handy as a metal fabrication company. If you are looking for a metal cutter in California, all you need to do is come to us. We offer our services to the individuals and businesses that are located in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, and Orange County. The professionals will trim the metal to the desired shape using the right equipment. It takes us very little effort to deliver the desired results to our esteemed clients.

The secret is just choosing the best metal cutting services in the United States. It is better to hire metal cutting professionals instead of buying the machine by yourself. You will discover that investing in these machines will be too expensive for no good reason. Companies that specialize in metal cutting are better-placed to invest in this equipment. Running this business also comes with several expenses. Therefore, outsourcing metal cutting services in California is more affordable.

Aluminum Welding offers flawless and reliable metal cutting services at rates that are quite unbelievable. You need to choose a brand that has a highly experienced and skilled team that has been doing this work for quite a while. We take care of your desires and needs and this helps us to exceed your expectations. The company has a broad range of state of art metal cutting machines that further enhance the quality of results that you get.

Reputable companies choose powerful equipment that produce the fullest output in the right way. Metal cutters also try their level best to avoid accidents in the working environment. There are various types of metals that you can cut and these experts will make sure that they give it the desired shape. It all depends on how you would like to use the finished product.

What Takes Place in Metal Cutting

You need to be extremely careful with the way at which you look at sheet metals. In spite of their density, weight, strength, and appearance, they are elastomers. It means that when you expose them to a lot of force, it will behave like rubber plastic. Some metals are rubberier than the others. On the other hand, hard metals like high-strength steel are far from the look of Silly Putty.

In most metal cutting procedures, the experts stress the metal until it fails between bypassing die sections of two components. For you to cut the metal, you need a cutting punch and a mating sections for the punch to go through it. The distance between the cutting sections or cutting clearance differs depending on the type of metal, desired edge quality, thickness, or hardness.

Too little or too much clearance between the cutting sections may create excess burr on the section. To reduce the height of the burr, you need a sufficient cutting clearance between cutting sections which should be ground over time to maintain a perfectly square edge. Technicians and diemakers refer to grinding of die sections as ‘sharpening the section.

After grounding the punch and mating sections, you have to shim them back to the operational heights regularly. Shimming is a process in which the thin stainless-steel sheets or other metal materials are put below the ground section in order to compensate for what has been off the ground. Shimming and grinding are the common tasks that are done in basic maintenance procedures.

The market has several types of CNC machines that are used in metal cutting. You can use a router, lathe or plasma cutter. The kind of job that you want to perform determines that machine that you choose. The other determinants are the type of materials you are using, diagrams, and specifications. Some metal cutting machines work better on different types of materials.

For example, lathe is used on cutting brass but not 6-inch steel materials. There is a difference the type of materials that you want to weld and the capabilities of the machines. The most important thing is to make sure that you perform the tasks to their right specifications. The CNC plasma cutters use heat to cut through the metals.

CNC machines offer a high level of precision cutting that what you can do manually. You can produce large-repetitive projects within a very short period. You can get metal cutters in the form of portable as well as stationary devices. It all depends on where and how you wish to work. Professionals from Aluminum Welding know how to choose the best metal cutting machine for the task.

The other form of metal fabrication machines is the CNC water jet cutting machines. These machines also offer detailed and precise cuts. The machines have nesting capabilities that allow minimal wastage of your expensive materials. You can cut out many different products or produce repetitive products from the same piece of material. After finishing the piece, you can be sure of having a smooth-edge and clean products that have the right specifications.

The other form of metal fabrication or cutting is offered by CNC laser cutting machines. The machine forms shaker parts because it leaves at small piece for connecting all pieces that have been cut. After using the whole piece of material, someone has to manually shake the sheet to break off the individual parts from the large sheets or break the ties using a rubber mallet.

Because of using oxygen and nitrogen with the laser cutters, you can be sure that the parts are professional and smooth. Besides, there will be no metal slap that is left over once the process is complete. CNC metal cutting is extremely cost efficient and accurate regardless of the type of project.

These machines are normally self-contained units and can eliminate so many safety issues on their own. However, you still need to put in place safety measures and these machines can still be dangerous. Wear safety gloves, goggles, and possibly earbuds as these are some of the few safety tips that you need to take advantage of.

The self-contained machines leave behind minimal mess, have no worries of dust particles or debris in the air etc. It is a great step above the former manual machines that the industry was using. You can get more insights on how metal cutting machines work from Aluminum Welding.

When you place your metal order, you have to provide information of the precise requirements. Examples of such info include the depth, thickness, shape and size of the project. Aluminum welding company used specialized techniques and devices to give the metals the desired shape. Examples of these techniques are chisel, hacksaw, and shears that you use a scissors for slicing through the metal.

The best way to use manual techniques is slicing of small metal pieces. However, for large metal projects, you need automated processes as they are more effective, cheaper, and quicker. There are different types of metal cutting processes and we are going to discuss a few of them in the remaining section; These methods include;


If you want your metal to be extremely smooth, you will require the metal grinding machine. It is one of the techniques that we use at Aluminum Welding company to work on various metal projects. The machine’s wheels come in contact with the surface of the metal and grind off the top layer. It makes sure that the metal surface is as smooth as possible.

Flame Cutting

Flame cutting is the widely used process is shaping various metals like steel. The procedure uses a highly concentrated heat source to cut the metal parts. You need to move a gas flame of approximately 3500 degrees centigrade at the point where you want to cut. The heat burns through the metal piece, melts it away, and results into the metal being cut to specific shapes. The technique is widely used in metal fabrication in California.


The metal burning method is similar to flame cutting as the welder has to burn the metal piece along a specified line. The material melts along the line to cut the metal into two pieces. After cutting, you will have to shape the materials the way you would like it to appear.


The drilling method, as the name suggests, utilizes a combination of pressure and force on the metal piece from the drill bit to produce a hole. The size of the drill bit and the amount of pressure that you apply will determine the size of the whole. You can use the drilling method on any type of metal material. You can also use it to create all sizes of holes.

Water Jet Method

The water jet method sounds a bit strange when it comes to working on metal products. You need to understand that water that is highly concentrated can cut water as long as you use it with a lot of force. The Water Jet device is used in cutting metal. The water is normally steamed at a very high pressure before it is shot to the metal piece at very high speeds.

The combination of the force and temperature means that the water will cut the metal. You can use the device in cutting wood, plastic, stone, and granite. Several metal fabrication experts in California use this metal fabrication technique.


One of the most common metal cutting methods is perhaps turning. What metal cutters do here is to place a vet sharp devise on thee surface that you want to cut. The device spins rapidly hence cutting the piece of metal in return. From here, you need to shape the metal material to the desired design.

These are the main metal cutting techniques that you need to be aware of in the market. As a company that specializes in metal cutting, Aluminum Welding boasts of owning a highly talented team and sophisticated metal cutting machines.

Therefore, you will not go wrong when you hire us to work on all your metal cutting projects in California, United States. The main locations that we serve include San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange County. We are the number one service provider in the United States when it comes to metal cutting.

From our offices in California, Aluminum Welding serves households and businesses in Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange County. We offer a broad range of metal fabrication services to our esteemed customers. Contact us today to learn the kind of services that you can get from us.

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