Aluminum Welding Services

Aluminum welding is relatively easy because this material has lower melting temperatures and it doesn’t crack after solidifying. However, you need the right professionals if you want to get this task right. That is why we recommend our brand for aluminum welding in Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino or Orange County. Our company is the most reputable if that is what you are looking for in an aluminum welding firm.

We carry out aluminum welding depending on the type aluminum material that you are using. The good news is that we can work with any type of aluminum material in the market. We have a highly skilled team that will work on your aluminum welding project with a very high level of precision. Besides, the company has invested in the right equipment to undertake this exercise. Therefore, we are a brand that you can always trust in as far as aluminum welding is concerned. There is nothing that is too hard for our aluminum welding professionals.

Aluminum Welding Techniques

We have been in the business of aluminum welding for more than 20 years. We have worked on countless projects, and we will be glad to show you the ones that closely resemble your needs. Our contractors can work on different types of projects with a high level of precision. As a company, we specialize in the area of metal fabrication. It is good to confirm whether we have experience in projects that are similar to yours. This attribute is one of the strengths that we have as an aluminum welding company.

The MIG welding technique is more applicable in working on thick aluminum work pieces at a very fast rate. It is also a technique that is ideal for achieving long and continuous welds. The aluminum welding technique has a lower heat input that leads to less distortion in the welding zone. The latest welding technique entails using a combination of pulse arc welding with MIG that delivers better results in comparison to the conventional methods. This aluminum welding technique delivers a better control of molten pool of the thin material which makes the arc more stable, mitigates welding imperfection risks, and minimizes spatters. Our team od welders understand all the above techniques and will do their level best to deliver them to you in the best way possible.

Our welders take some precautions when welding aluminum work pieces. The reason is that high melting points of oxides form on its surface when you mix it with the molten pool hence leading to several defects in welding. We also brush-clean the surface of the work pieces that we are welding using a stainless wire brush or scrap them to improve the quality of results. The most important thing is to make sure that you are getting the best results from the metal roofing project.

Tips on Aluminum Welding

The primary challenge with aluminum welding is the speed at which the metal heats up. If the torch remains slightly longer at the welding point, you risk damaging the work piece. As professionals, we keep several tips in mind that help us to work with aluminum materials as easy as working with other metal pieces.


If you apply heat on aluminum materials too fast, it has the tendency of distorting. No one wants such an experience when working on aluminum welding. That is why we pre-heat the metals a little bit before embarking on the welding process. What the pre-heating does is to ease the metal material into the extreme heat it will get from the blowtorch. It is the best way to minimize the level of distortion in the aluminum metal. With pre-heating, you can be sure of getting the best results from aluminum welding.

Move with Speed

One thing you need to understand about the aluminum material is that it has low melting points. If you try to linger at one spot, you will burn or melt through the job. It is something that is very possible when dealing with the aluminum material. As a result, we don’t stop when working with a burning torch. It is one of the tactics that we use to help us exceed your expectations all the time.

Join Well

When welding steel materials, it is possible to fill in the gaps that remain between the pieces. However, it is good to understand that aluminum welding is quite different. When working with aluminum materials, you have to be extremely careful and fit the welding pieces tightly together. You should not leave any open spaces before welding the various parts. This is what we do to make sure that there are no gaps in the joints. Even though this is not an easy task to do, we have the right expertise to handle this process. You can be sure of having perfectly welded aluminum parts from our professional welders.

MIG and TIG Welding

TIG welding is a technique that is often used in the welding on aluminum materials. However, MIG welders are getting used to aluminum because of the cost of the TIG equipment. However, it is much harder to use MIG to weld aluminum. Our company has the capacity to deliver both methods of welding. It all depends on your needs and budget.

Use Argon

Argon is the gas of choice when it comes to burning aluminum. However, we have some people who now prefer to use Helium-Argon. The choice that we make on the use of gas depends on the nature of work. You can be sure that we will make the best decisions when it comes to aluminum welding.

Uncontaminated Electrode

Our electrodes always work with clean tungsten electrodes. In case we detect any form of contamination in the electrode, we make sure that we replace it with immediate effect. It is one of the things that help us to deliver exemplary results when dealing with aluminum welding.

The above tips help us to deliver the best results when working on your aluminum project. We give the aluminum materials the special treatment that it requires when working on any project. That is why you need to choose us for any project that requires aluminum welding. You can be sure of getting the best services from us at the most affordable rates.

From our offices in California, Aluminum Welding serves households and businesses in Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange County. We offer a broad range of metal fabrication services to our esteemed customers. Contact us today to learn the kind of services that you can get from us.

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