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Gas tungsten arc welding is one of the most popular welding techniques in the market. However, you need choose the best welder to be able to achieve the best quality for metal fabrication. That is why it is advisable to turn to Aluminum Welding all the time. We have the right talent to help you with gas tungsten arc welding.

When you have a welding process, you have to make sure that you are choosing the best method. You have to meet several needs in terms of quality, cost, time line, budget, and many more. Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) is an effective welding technique for a broad range of industrial applications. That is why we rely on this technique heavily during our work.

With GTAW, you can virtually weld any type of metallic material. In this page, you will get a clear understanding of GTAW and how you can apply it in industrial fabrication. It is one of the most reliable welding techniques in the market. We offer these welding services in Ventura, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange County.

How Does Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Work?

The other name for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding is Tungsten Inter Gas welding (TIG). It makes use of an inert shielding gas alongside non-consumable tungsten electrodes. The tungsten electrode then forms a welding arc and the inert gas blocks the welding pool from getting contaminated. There are two primary processes for gas tungsten arc welding that you need to know. These include;

Filler Metal: Most of the gas tungsten arc welding solutions entail the use of a filler metal. The metal is normally fed in the welding area using the hand and then melted to make the bond between the materials stronger.

It is one of the great techniques that we use to serve our customers in San Bernardino, Ventura, Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange County. We will serve you whether you need Gas Tungsten services for residential or commercial purposes. It is because of this that most people come to us for TIG filler metal arc welding in Los Angeles.

No Filler Metal: In this case, the gas tungsten arc welding process does not use a filler metal. In most case, the process is employed on thin metal materials. They are also commonly performed on corners and edges. It is a process that we also use widely in our daily applications.

Types of Tungsten that you can Use with Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

There are different types of tungsten that you can use to perform TIG welding. Some of them include;

Zirconiated Tungsten: This type of Tungsten alloy is typically used on welds that need nonferrous metals and high AC currents. It makes GTAW to be extremely useful on metals like silver, copper, and aluminum. We widely use this technique on our aluminum welding projects.

Pure Tungsten: This is a non-alloy that you can only employ on welds that don’t involve iron. This welding process entails the use of an alternating current. It is one of the welding processes that is on our list of services. We also have the right resources to offer these aluminum welding services to our customers in the United States. The company will serve you whether you need onsite or offsite welding.

Thoriated Tungsten: Thoriated tungsten is the type of tungsten electrode that is commonly used for the purposes of welding. It is typically utilized on stainless steel and carbon welding. It is a service that you can also get from our company.

Shielding Gas

The commonly used gas tungsten arc welding gas is inert argon because it has the ability of preventing weld defects that stem from varying arc lengths. However, in some cases, we use helium because it has a better penetration ability.

Each of these gases has its own drawbacks and benefits. For most welding technicians, the best way to go is to use a gas that is a blend of helium and argon. Our professionals will always choose what will work best for your aluminum welding needs and budget.

Advantages of Using GTAW in Industrial Fabrication

There are so many benefits that come with the use of GTAW welding for industrial metal fabrication. The best way to get these benefits is simply hiring our professionals. Here is a list of some of these benefits for aluminum welding;

  • You can apply this process on almost all types of metals.
  • You can perform GTAW with or without the filler metals.
  • The results that GTAW yields are of high quality as long as you maintain the right conditions.
  • This welding technique allow welders to maintain a high degree of control over their welding pool.
  • GTAW results in no-to-little spatter which makes is one of the cleanest welding processes.
  • Gives you a great control over variables like the temperature.

Limitations of GTAW Process

Like the other welding processes, gas tungsten arc welding also has its own limitations. This makes it unappropriated for some of the industrial fabrication processes. However, our professionals know when best to apply this technique.

After all, no single welding technique will work on all types of metal fabrication projects. That is why there are so many welding techniques in the market. Some of these limitations include;

  • GTAW is characterized with slower welding speeds that stem into higher costs.
  • The deposition rates of GTAW are lower when you compare it with the other welding processes.
  • The welding technique requires an experienced and highly skilled welder
  • You must perform GTAW manually and there is no room for automating the process

When to Use Gas Tungsten Arc Welding for Industrial Fabrication

GTAW is basically used on stainless steel and a broad range of the non-ferrous metals. It is particularly effective on low-quality and thin metals like aluminum, copper, and magnesium. It tells you why we use this technique for aluminum welding.

The welds that GTAW produces are of exceptional quality and this process drastically reduces the potential for defects. It makes gas tungsten arc welding an ideal process for metal fabrications that needs a very close attention to precision and details.

Aluminum Welding offers great metal fabrication solutions to our esteemed clients. Whether you need GTAW or any other aluminum welding services, we have you covered. Our company offers the best metal fabrication services regardless of the process that you want to use.

The company provides high-quality welding designs that are free from contamination and defects. Therefore, you can always count on us for the best gas tungsten arc welding services.

From our offices in California, Aluminum Welding serves households and businesses in Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange County. We offer a broad range of metal fabrication services to our esteemed customers. Contact us today to learn the kind of services that you can get from us.

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