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Arc welding is the most readily and easily available welding technique on the face of the earth. Virtually anyone can access an arc welding machine. Some people refer to it as stick welding.

The technical name for arc welding is MMAW (manual metal arc welding). It is one of the services that we provide at Aluminum welding. The purpose of this page is to help you get more insights about arc welding.

You cannot go around the city saying that you can handle arc welding. The process is not as easy as you think especially if you don’t have the right skills. As we have said, the process is either referred to as stick welding or arc welding. The simplicity of the machine and arc process explains why this technology is readily available in the city.

In real sense, an arc welding machine is just a big electric transformer. The primary job of this machine is transforming electricity. The arc welder has a transformer that transforms the power that comes into the welder into a more controlled and stable power supply that is used for welding.

The incoming power comes in at 415v, 240 or 220v, or 110v etc. It can be hard to believe that the actual voltage for arc welding is very small. It can be 20v give or take up and it can even be lower than that.

Therefore, it transforms the power from the original down to a smaller figure like 20 volts. Therefore, it allows the power to be ideal for arc welding.

Most of the stick welding and arc welding machines are DC which refers to direct current. The electric power comes in from the power lead which is plugged in the wall socket at a higher voltage. The transformer plays its role of stepping the voltage down and rectifying the circuit so that it becomes DC that is ideal for the welding.

As you know, if you put two car batteries together, you will get 24 volts. What thus means is that you can weld with these two batteries. Car batteries have huge capabilities for drawing current and that is what you also need for welding. Therefore, the power that two car batteries produce is sufficient for the welding process.

If you have a four-wheel drive car, you can virtually weld from anywhere. The reason is that most of these cars use two batteries. Thus, as long as you have general purpose electrodes either E6012 or E6013 of a small diameter, you can easily arc weld even in the middle of a desert. It is a process that we do from anywhere and at any time.

All smart drivers carry a long a set of jumper leads at the back of their vehicle. All you need to do is joining the two batteries together with some of the wiring that is in your vehicle. To do this, you join the positive terminal of one of the batteries to the negative terminal of the second battery.

From here, you clamp the jumper leads to the now 24volt battery. You will end up with a simple and quick arc welding machine to use in making roadside repairs. It is one of the techniques that we use in offering mobile welding services. You will never go wrong when you make us to be your number one brand of choice for Arc welding.

How to Arc Weld

If you are planning to start a career in welding or you are a DIY enthusiast, you will find the arc welding skill to be very useful. You can readily find these welding machines in local hardware stores. All you need are some electrodes and a power supply and you will be good to go. However, you have to put in place all the safety measures for the job before you begin.

This welding process entails the use of extreme heat, exposure to the UV radiation, and very bright white light. Therefore, you have to pay specific attention to your eyes and cover all your skin. The other thing is to wear a high-end welding helmet that has the correct grade of visor.

You also need thick gloves, a jacket, rubber soled boots, and an apron. You can purchase all these items from any local store in the United States. It is one of the processes that we specialize in at aluminum welding.

The first thing that we do is preparing the surfaces for welding. We use an angle grinder in cleaning up the edges so as to remove any dirt, old weld, and rust. The angle grinder also helps us to make the 45-degree chamfer along the edges that we want to weld. It is what helps us in achieving strong and deep welds.

Once we set up the arc welding machine, what we do is to plug it in the power source. We ensure that the grounding clamp has a great connection with our workpiece and remove any hinderances like paint. We also clamp down the pieces that we are welding so that they don’t move as we make the initial welds.

Once everything is in place, we can begin to weld. We move the electrode close to where we will want to begin the welding work. Our experts will never forget to pull down the welding masks over their face.

It is very hard to see anything before you begin to weld. You need to use the electrode to scratch the surface of the workpiece. It produces an arc that in turn melts the electrode hence creating a weld pool.

We hold the electrode at 90 degrees and then slowly move along the chamfered edge while keeping a third of the weld pool ahead of the welder. The electrode always remains at a constant distance above the work piece and we refer to this as the arc length. The arc length should approximately be equal to the diameter of the electrode.

When we reach to the end of the weld, we take the holder away and then turn off the power supply. After cooling, the last thing is to remove the slag that forms on the weld bead with the aid of a chipping hammer.

We basically use this process when working on any Arc welding process. Even though it seems to be a simple process, it is not as easy as you believe. You need someone who will produce strong and beautiful products to help you out. That is why we advise you to use our brand for all your aluminum welding.

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