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Because of the advancement in technology, the metal cutting process has now become incredibly fast. However, thermal cutting may leave slag or burr on metal parts or even spatter on the surface. The use of manual labor for the required process of deburring or grinding the affected parts may appear to be the easiest way out. However, this could not be the most cost-effective and safest option. That is why you need to come to Aluminum Welding company for the best Grinding and Deburring services in California.

Why You Need to Avoid Manual Grinding and Deburring

There are so many dangers that are associated with the process of manual grinding and deburring. The first is the white finger syndrome which is a medical condition that comes as a result of continuous exposure to the vibration of hand-held machines. Operating hand-held grinders may lead to white or red discolorations on your hands. In the long run, it can course your fingers to become numb and even lose the manual dexterity. Therefore, it is necessary to have frequent breaks but this can reduce the level of productivity. That is why it is crucial to use metal grinding and deburring professionals who have the right equipment. No other company is good at this other than Aluminum Welding.

Manual deburring leaves behind sharp edges during the cutting process. If you are not careful, this can leave behind cuts on your hands. It is also possible to get crushed fingers when you have to handle and turn over heavy and large metal parts.

When you cut plates on an oxyfuel or plasma cutting table, the edges that you cut will obviously show slag. It is the metal piece that melts during the cutting process and cools. Therefore, it mostly adheres at the bottom of the edge that you cut. Therefore, you need to flip these parts during the process of deburring. It is good to note that this can be a very risky position. Our company uses modern technologies when it comes to deburring and grinding.

Automated Deburring and Grinding

The modern deburring and grinding tools alleviate the dangers that come with the manual process. It is one of the best ways to reduce the risks that you expose your employees to during the work session. The metal part finishing approach focuses on the process of cleaning up the two sides of the metal at the same time. Therefore, it prevents the need of retrieving the part, flipping it up, and then flipping it through the system once again.

Grinding belts are at the center of the automated technology and they run at the bottom and top of the machine, perpendicular to the direction of the feed. The parts travel across a series of feed rollers that are situated in between the belts that allow the belts to get in contact with metal parts. In this case, the two sides of the parts, including any cutouts or holes, get cleaned up simultaneously. Once the parts have passed through the system, they will be ready to move to the preceding downstream process of production like powder coating and painting. The approach works for a broad range of applications like heavy-duty slag removal, aggressive grinding, and simple deburring.

In the applications of deburring, the operator puts the parts on the infeed conveyor from which they are transported to the machine across the feed rollers. The 2nd tooling unit has a set of belts with sanding blocks that comprise of a hard plastic-material base with an abrasive fleece flaps and sandpaper. It takes care of the rounding of the edges and final cleanup.

In the des-lagging applications, all the four belts are fully equipped with hard rubber pins that are rounded hardened steel tips. You have to adjust the belts in such a way that the power pins exactly hit the edge of the section from the bottom to the top simultaneously. As the part continues to run trough the machine, it removes the dross and large slag pieces. There is different combination of belts that are available to allow full spectrum processing of various applications.

Technology has evolved greatly over time and the automated adjustments continue to replace the manual hand cranks for part thickness and belts. It tends to range from 6 inches to 22 gauge depending on how you wish to make use of this process.

If you are looking for additional efficiency in material handling, there are conveyors that will help you to further automate the edge-rounding and deburring process. You can set up conveyors behind and/in front of the machine. The parts that exit the machine flow right to the next process of fabrication. If only one operator is loading and unloading in a single position, you can set up a return conveyor to flow back to the operator who is in front of the machine. If you are dealing with heavy parts, you can use handling devices to put parts to the infeed table.

There are so many benefits that come with the use of automated grinding and deburring systems. It helps metal fabricators to reduce the risk of accidents and health hazards. Considering the long-run effects of injuries that come from manual grinding and deburring, it puts both the employee and the employer to a high risk. That is why it is worthwhile move for any customer-centric company to invest in these modern grinding and deburring systems.

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