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The popularity of sheet metal working has been on the rise. Most industries in the United States and beyond call for the use of industrial metal works. The process entails forming and creating various products from metal pieces of varying thickness. Professionals use different varieties of works and procedures when working on sheet metals. Examples include deep drawing, wheeling, decamping, stamping, bending, ironing, rolling, press brake forming, spinning, roll forming, spinning, deep drawing, cutting, and perforating among others.

Drawing Process

Most people don’t understand the meaning of the terminology drawing process. This is a portion that has a depth of more than 0.5 in diameter. In this procedure, there is an extension of a metal black around a plug. The kitchen sink is among the most common examples of the deep drawing techniques. There are so many other areas or industries that follow the deep drawing procedure. The list comprises of pharmaceuticals, plastics, automobile, aerospace, and dairy. It is among the key techniques that are used on industrial metal works projects.


The other important procedure in sheet metal working is cutting. It is done in order to give different shapes to metals pieces. Different kinds of equipment and tools are used to cut the sheet metals. These ranges from hand tools to very large equipment and you can be sure of getting everything. Some of the modern metal cutting procedures include CNC (Computer Numeric Control), CNC punch (multi-tool) and laser Cutting. Our specialists at the Aluminum Welding Company use some of these techniques when working on projects that call for industrial metal works.


The other crucial sheet metal working process is what we refer to as perforating. It is used in fabricating, designing, and producing sheet metal in order to get the specific object. The solutions that perforated metals produce are decorative and also functional.


In spinning, industrial sheer metal workers move or rotate a tube or disk at a very high speed. You can use this procedure for both artisan and commercial applications. Spinning is the technique that artisans use to make architectural detail, specialty lighting, and decorative household items. Examples of these items include brass instrument bells, public waste receptacles, gas cylinders, rocker nose, and nose cones. It is also one of the techniques that we use widely at our Aluminum Welding company.

Press Brake Forming

The technique is utilized for a broad range of purposes including making brackets for machines and equipment, metal housing for a particular part, metal framing, etc. It is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to replace parts.

Roll Forming

The other common method used in industrial metal works is roll forming. It involves passing a large metal strip through a set of rolls. It is truly an ideal option or process for creating metal parts on long lengths and large quantities. Roll forming is ranked among the best metal techniques because it is quite easy and simple. You can also apply this technique in different areas. Artisans have enough experience to work on this type of technique. It is utilized in so many areas. Artisans are efficient and experienced enough to make good use of this technique.

Metal Working Machines

There are so many items in our homes and offices that are made of metal. Most kitchen appliances like the toasters, stove, refrigerators, and many more are made by metalworking machines. Industrial metal works has been playing a critical role in the production of various consumer products that people use in their daily lives.

The American metal working field has two sub-sectors that comprise of machine tooling and the industrial tooling sector. There are approximately 7000 firms in the industrial tooling sector. They do the initial manufacture of dies, tooling, alongside with industrial molds. The machine tooling sector has more or less 550 organization that produce machinery. Most of the firms were small in size and can work on the customized parts.

Numeric Control (NC)

The numerically controlled machines have an electrical controller together with machine tools that are mostly used to run metalworking machines. NC machines are nowadays developed into CNC or computer numeric control where a computer acts as the controller. The controllers guide the machine parts to various positions which are detailed to instructions such as hole drilling and moving the drill bits to metal pieces.

CNC tools are utilized in computer running systems for manufacturing. However, in this automatic machining process, the CNC machine apparatus should run correctly to be able to achieve the best possible results.


Well-trained operators watch the CNC machine or equipment cautiously in order to avoid incidences that can damage the tools or any other parts. The responsibility of the operator depends on the type of equipment that he is using and also the position. Some CNC tools look over automatically to make adjustments in the operation of the machine. It is good to go for a company like ours that has the best operators in the United States. Once we understand how you wish to use the final product, we will help you to come up with the best design for industrial metal works.


This machine is used in cutting, shaping, and drilling of metal pieces. It spins around certain material blocks around the chosen revolution axis in order to complete the required job. Lathes are used to make several items like candlestick holders and crankshafts. It is a technique that we also widely use in our industrial metal work projects.


Fabrication is the process of constructing machines and other equipment that involve cutting, shaping, ad bring together various parts that were produces from raw materials. The tasks of machine shops and metal fabricators sometimes do overlap. The primary focus of metal fabrication is preparing, assembly, and also welding of metallic pieces. On the other hand, the primary focus of machine shops is the art of metal working machining.

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