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Metal bending refers to the process in which the metal pieces are deformed with the use of die-sets. When bending sheet metals, it compresses the inner surface and stretches the outer one in order to deliver the expected stretch. However, bending neither increases nor decreases the surface area of the metal. What it only does is to change the shape of the metal.

Most of the metal products that we find in our homes or offices require bending. Professionals use metal brakes and die sets to carry out the process of metal bending. In case you need this type of work, you have to make sure that you are choosing the best professionals. For those who live in California, no other company is better than Aluminum Welding when it comes to metal bending. We can virtually produce any type of metallic shape that you can think about. The company has the right set of skills and equipment to work with all types of metal products.

To be able to bend the sheet metal, you need to put it on a die and use gages and clamps to hold it. The experts then use the press to apply force to the metal and produce the right shape. This description may appear to be simple but it calls for a high level of specialization. There are various forms of metal bending techniques that are applied in the industry. We will be looking at some of them after the introductory section of this article. You need to understand the whole idea of metal bending before looking at the various bending techniques.

The presses and dies that you use on metal bending depends on the amount of force you want to apply, desired angle, and the thickness of the material. You also need to use various metal bending techniques in order to achieve the desired results. Some of the examples include rotary bending, double die bending, wiping die bending, U-Die bends, V-bending, coining, bottoming, and air bending to name but a few. Experts have to follow particular metal bending techniques in order to get the right results.

In order to lessen or minimize all changes in the setup, it is important to maintain a similar radio for all the parts. The second thing to help you achieve amazing results is maintaining the same thickness of material. Thirdly, bend perpendicular to the direction of the rolling all the time and not parallel to avoid fracturing or breaking the metal. The metal industry has been around for long for so long and it has been evolving. Bent tubes, pipes, and metals are utilized all around us from our homes to the mighty skyscrapers. There are various metal bending techniques that industries are following to work on different projects. Some of them include;


The other name for this technique is pyramid rolling or cold bending. You have to keep sheet metals in between the rolls in the form of a pyramid and then allowed to pass through each of them. This is the most economical industrial technique utilized for bending steel materials. The metal passes through the 3 sets of rollers that apply pressure on the metal hence making it to bend. The technique is used in producing metal coils.

Hot Bending

In this method, heat is directly applied to the metal with the use of a furnace of a flame to produce the desired bend. Ideally, hot bending is resorted to when doing repair works. It is one of the top techniques that we use at Aluminum Welding. Don’t hesitate to turn to us if this is what your project requires for successful implementation.

Rotary Draw Bending

This metal bending technique typically uses a die. The professionals have to clamp the metals that they want to die and take it through a die until it is successfully formed. The method is more suitable in producing results in the parts and machine industry.

Rotary Draw

The rotary draw bend technique, otherwise known as RDB uses tools or die sets to be able to bend the metal. It is a precise process and you can program the machines to store info on multiple bend jobs. The die sets comprise of two parts that are known as the counter die and the former die. The former die is used in creating the shape and the counter die is utilized to force the metal piece to bend to the shape that is created by the former die. This method uses bends that are aesthetically pleasing especially when you are using the correct tooling for the work.

Induction Bending

This is a method that utilizes both pressing and heat. It uses a coil to heat the desired section and then lead it through a die before using water to cool it directly. Press bending falls among the initial techniques that work on cold pipes and tubing. As this name proposes, you push a die, that is in the form of a pipe or tube against the pipe or tube which forces the metal to fit in the bend outline. However, there is a possibility of deformity with this kind of bending because the pipe is not supported internally.

Three Roll Push Technique

Three rolls pish or TRPB is a free type of bending technique that is utilized in forming geometries that have a number of basic bending curves. You steer the metal between the bending rill and supporting roll in this technique as you push the metal through the tool.

Heat Induction

In this method, you use heat in the form of the induction coil to bend the metal piece. You heat the coil to varying temperatures between 800 – 2200 degrees. Once you heat the coil to the correct temperature, you will place pressure on the metal and then force it to bend. After obtaining the desired bend, you will use a water spray or air spray to cool of the metal.

Most metal fabrication projects call for the use of the metal bending technique. The most important thing when working on such a project is precision. That is why you need to be extremely careful when choosing a metal bending project in California. One of the brands that will not let you down when it comes to metal bending in the region is Aluminum Welding.

From our offices in California, Aluminum Welding serves households and businesses in Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange County. We offer a broad range of metal fabrication services to our esteemed customers. Contact us today to learn the kind of services that you can get from us.

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