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The initials CNC stand for ‘Computer Numeric Control. The system uses a computer technology to manipulate machines effectively in highly precise ways. Just like is the case with the punch press, a computer code is used in instructing the stamping machine to help punch holes in the stamping machine.

A tooling storage device or turret normally feeds the correct die and punch in the machine’s punching center. The machine will then receive precise instructions from a computer to punch single holes in the locations that the computer program specifies. Most CNC punching machines take less than a half of a second to punch a hole. Even though creating the parts takes a longer period, it does not make sense to wait for a costly die and punch system to be made.

In case there are less than twenty parts or prototypes, the milling process is used. Stamping is applicable when you are making so many parts. CNC punching is utilized in creating an intermediate number of parts. The method that you choose mainly depends on the number of parts that you need. Punch presses are typically utilized in the sheet metal industry. However, you can also employ them in other industries where you have to punch out shapes of various materials.

The punch press is utilized in forming and cutting materials into various sizes and shapes and it is a form of machine press. The presses could be large operated CNC machines holding a large and complex set of dies. They could also be small manually operated machines that hold a simple die. All these services are available at Aluminum Welding in California. The location that we serve include San Bernardino, Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside, and even Orange County. You can get to us if you reside or work in any cities within these destinations. You can be sure of getting high-end CNC punching and stamping services at the most affordable rates in the market.

Die sets normally comprise of ‘male’ punches and ‘female’ dies. When you press them together after pressing the right material in between them, it may deform the workpiece or form a hole in to the desired shape of form. You have to fix the punch to the end of the ram that moves upwards and downwards in the punching process in a motion that is vertically linear. The punches and the does are removable to allow for the formation of different holes and shapes into your workpiece.

There are basically two kinds of common machines which are generally large frame metallic pieces of the equipment. These include the portal type frames and the C type frames. The C type frame has a hydraulic ram set at the top section that allows you to carry out the punching process. The portal type frame has a ram that is centered within the frame to prevent the deflection and distortion of the frame. You can get to understand this concept better when you see the machine person.

All punch press machines have a table or bed with brushes and rollers incorporated into them to allow the sheet of the metal or the workpiece to travel with a low friction. The brushes are employed with similar marks or minimal scratching to give the metal the desirable finish. A perfect example of this process is highly polished steels and brushed aluminum.

The machines that are used to process sheets of materials are the punch presses. The machines form and stamp the metal sheets at the specified areas. Most of them have a system that is used to control them and the CNC operations support automatic modes that are determined by an inbuilt program.

Some of the basic parameters that characterize the punch press include the working force e.g., 20 tons, working area size, tool shop capacity, and the type of tool shop. There are various kinds of CNC punch presses which include the flywheel driven press, the mechanical punch press, and the hydraulic punch press. Punch presses are mostly called by the tonnage and the required sizing tooling for a particular task is a straight forward procedure as the required tonnage to cut and form most materials is known well.

Application of CNC Punching

In case you cannot justify the cost of stamping, you can always turn to CNC punching. Stamping is specially designed for the high production runs of even more than ten thousand runs. On the other hand, CNC punching is used for the optimization of short run costs. It involves part quantities of less than ten thousand runs. CNC punching is the fastest way of putting holes in metals with no need to pay upfront for the setup of a punch and die. Therefore, it has so many applications in the metal fabrication industry.

Application of Stamping

Steel products are all over, from grills to computers to cars and so forth. Creating holes in metal materials accommodates nearly all designs regardless of the fabrication processes. Stamping is the fastest way to create holes in metallic materials. The process entails the use of a machine that is referred to as a punch press. It is one of the metal fabrications processes that we specialize in at Aluminum Welding company.

The punch press can apply ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, or even hundreds of tons of pressure quickly to a metallic slab. The press utilizes the punch-and-die system in which the die is a flat surface with several recessed regions where the protruding element will stamp and the punch is the protruding element.

The protruding element is normally on the top section and it smashes into the metal this stamping or punching it. The tool uses several tons of pressure to remove part of the metal slap that is referred to as the slug. This normally falls via the recession in the metal die.

The entire process can last for less than one second. Therefore, stamping remains to be the fastest way of putting holes in metallic products. Creating a punch and setup of a die that is intended for punch pressing is normally very costly. However, the rewards of investing in this type tools are extremely high. The cost of running this equipment is extremely lower than the other types of machines. That is why most reputable metal fabricators in California invest in this modern technology.

Are you looking for the best CNC punching and stamping professionals in California? The answer lies with the Aluminum Welding Company. We have been offering these services to the people of San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County since 1996. It tells you that we have enough experience in the industry. You can be sure of getting high-quality services in CNC punching and stamping.

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